Remembering The Boston Marathon Bombing Victims

Monday, April 17, 2023, will mark the 10 year anniversary of the Boston Marathon Bombing which killed 4 innocent people.

Martin Richards, age 8

Lingzi Lu, age 23

Krystle Campbell, age 29

(at the site of the bombings) and

MIT Officer Sean Collier, 26

(who was shot and killed 3 days later)

In addition, the attack seriously injured over 250 more when terrorist set off two improvised explosive devices near the marathon finish line.

It is with a heavy heart that we take a moment to remember the lives lost and for those who were  forever affected by the attack, while at the same time standing tall and proud as we remember the strength, unity, courage and resilience that would burst through as the citizens of City of Boston, residents of Massachusetts and New England along with all of the visitors from across this Nation, did not hesitate to jump right in without regard for their own safety to help and support the injured and show the world what the United States of America is made of!

We surely cannot forget to recognize the work of our First Responder Brothers and Sisters that answered the call on that day and those trying days that followed.

Please take the time to remember this day. Thank your 1st Responders, your neighbors and pray for those we lost, those that “lived through” and those that are still trying to “live with“ what happened.

Stay safe, stay vigilant.

God bless you all and

God bless The United States of America!!!

The Board of Directors of MAIAAI.