Past MAIAAI Seminars

01-19-17 How to Satisfy Technical Requirements for an Expert Report
11-17-16 An Overview of the Fire Hazards Associated with Lithium Ion Batteries
09-15-16 Current Trends in Fire Investigation Resulting from Civil Unrest
06-08-16 Comprehensive Overview of Domestic & International Terrorism for Fire Investigators
03-24-16 Haz-Mat Emerging Trends for Fire Investigators
01-21-16 Fire Protection Systems, Fire Investigation Methodology & Technology
11-19-15 Fire Science for the Investigator 1033. Fire Chemistry, Thermodynamics, Thermometry & Fire Dynamics
09-17-15 Haz-Mat Safety for the Fire Scene & Fire Investigator
06-03-15 Marine Fire Investigation
03-19-15 Fire Investigation in the Digital Age
01-15-15 Courtroom Practices and Pitfalls
11-20-14 Industrial Fires and Explosions
09-18-14 National Grid Energy Distribution Overview
06-11-14 Challenges for Today’s Fire Investigators and Prosecutors
03-20-14 Furnaces, NFPA 921 and Daubert
01-16-14 Identify, Collect, an Processing Evidence
11-21-13 Cheshire Arson/Triple Murder
09-19-13 Partnering with Utilities
06-12-13 21st Century Construction and the Fire Investigator
03-21-13 Legal Issues for Today’s Fire Investigator
01-17-13 Solar Photovoltaic Systems
09-20-12 Investigative Case Studies11-15-12 Impacts of NFPA 1033
05-30-12 Pathways/Investigation to Intervention
03-15-12 Interview and Interrogation
01-19-12 The Public-Private Partnership
11-17-11 Proper Handling of Evidence
09-15-11 New Bomb Component Law
06-01-11 Small Appliance Fire Investigation
03-17-11 From the Ashes, The Station Nightclub Fire
01-20-11 Boat and Marine Fire Investigation
09-22-10 Motor Vehicle Fire Investigation
03-18-10 Interviewing and Interrogation Techniques
01-21-10 Illegal Dwellings – Fire Hazards
11-19-09 Introduction to Arc Mapping
09-30-09 National Gas Essentials Delivery to Incident
06-18-09 Evidence Collectin and Solving Arson in Massachusetts
03-19-09 Battery Involvement in Fire: Cause or Effect
01-15-09 Heating Systems and Gas Appliances
11-20-08 Whose Job is it Anyway – Public or Private
09-18-08 921 Code Updats for “large Scale Fire Investigations”
06-04-08 Introduction to Post Blast Analysis